cheap mbt shoes China apparel industry upgrading

secondly, establish an effective incentive mechanism. Increased business talent shortage, companies compete for the "people" is increasingly intense. To retain talent, many enterprises in the treatment, condition, equity, a multi pronged, small and medium enterprises in the face of fierce market competition must respect knowledge, respect talent to the maximum extent, to establish a scientific salary and incentive mechanism to. According to the different characteristics of the talents "on-demand incentive", "timely," incentive "moderate incentive >

for shoes this traditional industry team, high-end talent shortage, low difficult to recruit workers, has become the industry universal existence "difficult" issues. In our country construction, talent strategy is essential, because, the talent is the first resource, all of the strategies have to rely on talent to achieve. Enterprise development in the future, in the industry, we must earnestly study, discussion, practice and finally solved the problem, people-oriented, training and building a high-quality personnel, only this, can lay the foundation Xiefu power.

today, there is no growth opportunity, development opportunities has become the primary condition for many talents selection of enterprises, from the most shoes private enterprises, enterprises to provide opportunities for growth and development of space is very limited, also exhibit business to its development prospects are not clear. Because of some enterprises in the business strategy and management is the short-term behavior and speculation, no long term development strategy, but as the company's employees, self development and enterprise development prospects are closely related, if not see hope, some employees will choose to leave the pursuit of self realization. In addition, some enterprises for staff to provide growth space is limited, the family type enterprise organizational structure of the right to the top is closed, the family members of the cheap mbt shoes supreme power monopoly hinders high-quality talent to pathway of highest and decision-making layer, limits the development space of non family members. In the employment mbt shoes hk level, shoes and clothing enterprises large labor intensity, work time, so as to provide employees with training opportunities are very limited. If a small and medium-sized private enterprises are unable to provide a relatively favorable treatment of the material, and can't provide to satisfy the spiritual needs, with the characteristics of the enterprise intangible benefits (such as the advanced enterprise culture and so on), such enterprise is difficult to attract and retain employees in large extent.

how to establish a suit majority situation of small and medium-sized enterprises shoes industry personnel, the reporter thinks, should be mainly from the two set. First, the establishment of a modern enterprise system, improve the internal management of enterprises. Business is the most private enterprises, capital in the property with a strong "three yuan", namely the blood, genetic and geographical, became an important factor of hindering private enterprises to establish modern enterprise system, establish a scientific and effective mechanism for decision-making and management. To build and perfect the corporate governance structure of private enterprises, which is based on the modern Enterprise Inc corporate governance structure, combined with the characteristics of private enterprises to adjust. The interests of the main mbt shoes body of rights and responsibilities and perfect binding mechanism between. The expert thinks, it is constructed, avoid the private enterprise management system of primary measures of brain drain.

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